Social                                           Official Policy       

48.  left blank for now                     

49. First Peoples (Aboriginals)          

1. The House of Israel considers all people born and raised in this land to be natives on equal footing with equal rights, regardless of race colour or creed. And those who have chosen to move here and call this land their home are considered naturalized citizens. 

2. One law for everyone, no special status for any ethnic, racial  or language group. First peoples, or aboriginals treated no different from anyone else.

3. A duly elected municipal level of government - otherwise Chiefs do not have any law making powers.         

4. Treaties - these are part of the Canadian Constitution, but ours will be a new nation and a new Constitution, so the House of Israel will not be bound to the Treaties signed by the representatives of Canada with the aboriginals. We shall not recognize aboriginal self-government.

5. The existing boundaries of Indian reserves respected. Native title to these lands respected. If they wish the system of tribal ownership of land may be maintained. Management of the land and its resources are in their own hands. 

6. Compulsory Boarding Schools not permitted. People living in remote areas must be provided with access to the means of education for their children, without having to be forced to send their children out of the area to boarding schools.

7.  If distances are too great then kids must be educated at home. Instructors need to be available, so they can go to students homes to educate them.

8. The House of Israel is prepared to deal fairly and justly with those people who are part of the first nations and aboriginals , who have been treated unfairly in the distribution of land, if such unfairness and injustice has been clearly demonstrated in a court of law of the House of Israel. We do not recognize international courts of law, or international law. And is prepared to make available additional lands to these people, if need be.

9. Our Constitution does not recognize aboriginal self-government.

10. All people born and raised in the House of Israel shall be regarded as aboriginals and natives. We are living in the early 2000's and no longer in the early 1700's. 


50.  Family Matters                               

50a)  Encouraging and Supporting the Family  Working to support and encourage the family realizing it is the fundamental building block of the nation (by family we mean the traditional family - one man, one woman and children). 

50b)  Marriage

Married and common law couples will be encouraged to stay together, but no one can force two people to love each other and stay together. So if both partners want to divorce this is their right.  Homosexual relationships will not be considered marriages.

There will not be any legalization of civil arrangements between homosexuals that is akin to heterosexual marriages. 

50c) Definition of a Family  By family we mean the traditional family - one man, one woman and the children of such a union. 

The Bible absolutely condemns homosexuality (Genesis chapters 18 and 19) (Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13) (Romans 1:26-27) (I Timothy 1: 9-10) God's laws as explained in the Bible are the foundation of the House of Israel Constitution. If our proposed constitution did not strongly disapprove of homosexuality then it would be a farce.  So our nation will never recognize homosexual arrangements as marriages. Homosexuality considered abnormal and not encouraged , and will not be condoned.

Right at this time in January 2016 homosexual rights are protected in the current Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So we will respect the law, but seek to change the laws.

Many have been led to believe by gay and feminist propaganda that around 10 % of the population is gay. Many have swallowed the propaganda, so if they happen to really enjoy the company of someone of the same sex, they may begin to feel they are homosexual. Thus brotherly and sisterly love is confused with sexual love.

There are three kinds of love:

1. Brotherly or sisterly love. 

2. Erotic, sexual love between a man and woman. 

3. And  love towards God,  your country or society. 

Sexual love between a man and woman is natural, but not between two men or two women. Animals rarely engage in such things, unless it is baby animals at play, or an unnatural situation. You just don't see in nature two male, or two female animals pairing off and forming a sexual bond. Such behavior never occurs in higher animals left in their natural state. How on earth would the species reproduce that way ? Sex and reproduction are the main concerns of natures children. The whole focus in nature is reproduction. The survival of the species is absolutely, critically dependent on the species reproducing. Homosexual couples cannot reproduce, because you need a male and female for that.

It is vital we work to create a society where the sexes can mix and meet easily and comfortably. Where girls and women can feel secure and not have to always be worried about being sexually molested, sexually assaulted or raped. Where sexual predators are dealt with swiftly and severely. Where date rape is taken seriously and is illegal. Where men are held more accountable for the children they make and  encouraged to be sexually responsible. Where it is safe to walk on the streets. Where creeps and bums who prey on women and children are dealt with.

A society that recognizes people's need for erotic love, and that recognizes the best and most convenient situation where this human need can be fulfilled is within the safe, and legal confines of a committed sexual relationship, with someone of the opposite sex, and between consenting adults. The preferred and most natural arrangement is a monogamous one. The House of Israel will be a nation that is life affirming.  

The root of human sexual deviances lies in people's family environments. At an early age they may begin to receive negative messages regarding their attractiveness. A lack of love and acceptance for example. A cold uncaring environment, or perhaps an abusive situation. Perhaps there are negative messages regarding their sexuality and attractiveness. So maybe  these people don't view their sexuality in a positive light and may feel unattractive. So later on in life these people may lack enough sexual self-confidence to establish a normal sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex. 

If they fall in with the wrong crowd, or read some gay propaganda they may become hooked on homosexuality. And they may actually be brainwashed to believe such behavior is normal. Such brainwashing is reinforced by much of  the media and many of our educators, who keep saying homosexuality is normal and should be accepted.

The House of Israel considers homosexuality to be a sickness, and regards those involved in it to be deeply maladjusted and in need of counseling. 

Old habits die hard so patience must be shown to victims of the homosexual curse. 

Let it be clear that the House of Israel cannot and will not allow this element to continue corrupting people's minds and undermining our families. If they are discreet and go underground and stop sticking it in the public's face - then that would solve a lot of problems.

Employers, landlords and businesses have the right  to discriminate against homosexuals and lesbians, as long as such deviancy was clearly proven and clearly known. Permission from the Magistrate or Judge would be required in such cases - to have them fired, removed from rental facilities, or denied service. If deviancy is clearly proven Judges cannot refuse such requests.

Right at this time in January 2016 homosexual rights are protected in the current Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. So we will respect the law, but seek to change the laws.


50d) Feminism    Feminism (the political ideology) is in conspiracy against fatherhood, and will not be officially sanctioned. Women and men are free to be feminists, but the state won't officially support feminist ideology. 

The House of Israel doesn't support policies that subject women to being second class citizens, or to being exploited or dominated. 

The House of Israel doesn't support policies that subject men to being second class citizens, or to being exploited or dominated. 

We recognize, or acknowledge the husband's and father's authority in the home and family, but such matters cannot be legislated, since people have free moral agency and these are spiritual matters. It is an acknowledgement only. 


50e)  What the HIP Will Do To Address Men's Issues 

1.  Will no longer support feminist ideology.

2.  Will acknowledge men's authority in the home as Husbands and Fathers.

3. Will reform the Family Court, which presently is stacked against men. 

4. Will recognize and take seriously the abuse of men by their spouses. 

5. Will make prostitution illegal.

6. Will make the homosexual act illegal.

7. Will eliminate women from the fighting forces in the military. 

8. Will dramatically reduce the level of immigration and refugees we accept. 

9.  Will not discriminate against young male drivers. 

10. Will put in severe penalties for rape. 

11. Right and Freedom to have a family.

12.  Support corporal punishment of children (under 12) by parents - both Mother and Father. 


50f)    Men's Rights and Boys Rights

1.  To be free to leave an abusive spousal arrangement, and not having to be punished financially for doing so. 

2. Child support payments must be reasonable, and not deprive the man of the basic necessities of life. 

3. To be free from discrimination in hiring - elimination of hiring equity. 

4. To be present at the birth of their children, if they so wish (this only applies to legally married couples where the marriage is in good standing). 

5. To be protected from homosexual predators. 

6. Right to marry at age 18, and at age 16 with the consent of parents (both parents). 

7. Right to be free from segregated classes at school, and at college and at university. The right to a co-ed education and not to be segregated from the girls and women. 

8. Right to form all boy's and all men's sporting leagues and teams, which are free from female coaches and managers. 

9. Shared custodial rights of children for men must be respected and enforced, if granted by the Court.

10. Men are free from undue pressure from in-laws, or parents to marry whom they (the parents or in-laws) want the man to marry. 

11. Men are free from forced arranged marriages. 

12. Boy's and young men must be free from sexual harassment by family members. 


50g)    Women's Rights and Girl's Rights

1. To be free to leave an abusive spousal arrangement, and if their life has been threatened, or they have been physically abused - to be provided with a secure shelter for themselves and their dependent children. 

2. Child support payments must be reasonable, and not deprive the woman of the basic necessities of life. 

3. To be free from discrimination in hiring - elimination of hiring equity. 

4. Right to give birth at home with at least two qualified and licensed mid-wives present, and with the consent of a Physician, after examination and within easy transportation distance to a Health Care Facility, should complications arise. Naturally if child birth comes prematurely, and the woman finds herself alone, or in a remote area without the support of mid-wife or Doctor - nature will take its course. 

5. To be protected from homosexual and lesbian predators. 

6. Right to marry at age 18, and at age 16 with the consent of parents (both parents). 

7. Right to be free from segregated classes at school, and at college and at university. The right to co-ed education and not to be segregated from the boys and men. However, if no man has applied for these courses then there cannot be a co-ed education. 

8. Right to form all girl's and all women's sporting leagues and teams. which are free from male coaches and managers.

9. Shared custodial rights of children for women must be respected and enforced, if granted by the Court.

10. Women are free from undue pressure from in-laws, or parents to marry whom they (the parents or in-laws) want the woman to marry. 

11. Women are free from forced arranged marriages. 

12. Girl's and young women must be free from sexual harassment by family members. 

50h) Common-Law  
Common-law arrangements will not be regarded as marriages in the House of Israel - for the first 5 years a couple lives together common-law. After 5 years they would be considered as marriages and treated the same. Children born to couples living common-law would be considered to be under joint custody of Father and Mother. Should common-law couples split up the Family Court would decide how the custody of the children would be split up, and divided. Father and Mother shall be regarded as having equal responsibility for children. 
51. Immigration and Refugee Policy                

1. Cut immigration drastically. Keep it to a bare minimum. Only when there is a desperate shortage of manpower should the doors be opened. (Work permits given to seasonal foreign workers, if there is a severe labour shortage). Cut the numbers of  refugees allowed in dramatically.

2. Those with a criminal record not allowed in unless it was for something trivial. 

3. No  immigration from enemy lands who are at war with us militarily, politically and economically.

4. Only married couples and their dependent children allowed in.

5. Singles not allowed in unless they were the dependent children of an immigrating couple.

6. Non-monogamous, unstable families not let in. We must protect our people from diseases like aids.

7. If there is a history of promiscuity, adultery, or fornication they can't be allowed in. This is done to protect our families and to prevent the spread of diseases such as aids.

8. No war criminals, drug addicts, alcoholics, insane, crippled, carrying the aids virus, or otherwise incapacitated. We have enough sickness already without importing more.

9. Preference to couples with a working knowledge of English and in Quebec a working knowledge of French.

10. Preference and priority given in immigration to those who are part of the 12 tribes of Israel. The identity of the descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel is as follows:

  1. Reuben - the French
  2. Simeon - scattered among Israel
  3. Levi - scattered among Israel
  4. Issachar - Italians
  5. Zebulun - Irish
  6. Benjamin - Germans
  7. Dan - Scandinavian countries excluding Finland - specifically descendants of Dan are the Danish, Norwegians, Swedish, people from Iceland and Greenland,
  8. Naphtali - Greeks
  9. Gad - Austrians and the Swiss
  10. Assur - the Dutch and the white tribe of South Africa and other Africans descended from the Dutch.
  11. Judah - the Jewish people.
  12. Joseph - Manasseh is a half tribe of Joseph and is specifically the United States. Ephraim is the other half tribe of Joseph and these people are the British, New Zealanders, Australians, Canadians, and people from some other British outposts, like the Falkland Islands.

The rest of immigration will come from the former British Commonwealth countries. At least 70% of immigrants must be from the 12 tribes of Israel, and the other 30 % from the former British Commonwealth countries. Immigration from other lands will be cut off.

Preference given to those who are associated with the Christian religion and Judaism. No more Muslim immigration allowed.

11. Refugees and immigrants coming here illegally will be swiftly deported to the country of origin . Attempts made to recoup costs.

12. Temporary Foreign Worker Program would target people descended from the tribes of Israel, or descendants of these tribes regardless of their country of origin.


52.  Religion  (public participation and advice needed to put a clear policy in place)    The House of Israel will not officially recognize non-Christian religions, but toleration extended. These religions may be practiced in the privacy of people's homes, and such people may have religious services and ceremonies in the privacy of their homes, or on private property. They may attend worship ceremonies on private property, but public display of their religious ceremonies is forbidden as are public services.

Therefore the clergy of non-Christian churches and religions have the right to determine who does or doesn't attend their religious functions, and the government will not intervene in these matters (as long as laws weren't broken).

The wearing of turbans, as in the Sikh religion tolerated as well as the ceremonial dagger the kirpan. However, such practices cannot be tolerated in the Police Force, but is acceptable in the Armed Forces. Apart from the Police Force the turban and kirpan shall be tolerated throughout the House of Israel. The Jewish skull cap tolerated. 

This policy on religion is put in place primarily to protect our people and land from radical Islam, which is intolerant. 

Regarding Islam - the wearing of the hijab and burka in public banned. 

North and South House of Israel shall push for and promote religious freedom for professing Christians all around the world especially in Islamic nations. So many of these nations discriminate against Christianity, the Bible and discriminate against Christ. Yet they expect we continue to allow their faith complete freedom of religion over here. This is certainly not very fair and honest. 

53. The Clergy      Churches who go public with the gospel, or with literature, radio programs, TV telecasts and any such means shall be considered public, particularly if they are a registered charity.  The government shall determine which churches are private and which are public (but no discrimination in this area is permitted).

All public churches required to keep a comprehensive list of church doctrines, which are readily available to members and prospective members. The list of doctrines must give prospective members a sound basis for making a wise decision whether to become a member, or attend church functions. This is to insure prospective members can make a sound decision on whether to attend, or be part of a particular church.


54.  No compromising with the Basic Thrust of the Constitution  The constitutional amending formula is in place, but the general thrust of the constitution must remain intact, and won't be compromised with.

The general thrust of the constitution includes all Hard Rock Policies and the Foundational Policies that are not part of Hard Rock policies. The GG and later the President must take oaths to protect these (hard rock and foundational policies) and could be impeached if they don't. 



55. Serious Major Immediate Problems  The House of Israel considers these problems

serious and will have the government deal with them.

1. Abortion on demand  (the destructive policy).

2 . Driver education programs are inadequate, which contributes to tremendous loss of life and limb in motor vehicle accidents each year. The carnage and slaughter is accepted. Thousands are killed and crippled each year, yet nothing much is done about it.

3. Educational system is too expensive and  in chaos.

4. Environmental degradation.

5. Family breakdown, with the resulting social decay.

6. Feminist ideology is infiltrated into almost every facet of our lives. 

7. Foreign control of our economy and resources.

8. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Canada and the United States and now including Mexico (NAFTA), must be immediately cancelled.

9. Health Care system is far too costly and in crisis.

10. Housing costs are excessive.

11. Immigration levels are excessive.

12. Lack of a clear national vision and goals. 

13. Military under funding, resulting in inability to defend ourselves adequately in case of trouble

14. Monopoly position of the mass media. As a result many serious issues are buried. The lack of a system for the free exchange of ideas.

15. National unity is lacking.

16. Northern presence is lagging, which could result in the loss of sovereignty.

17. Party system, which places elected members  under the control of party leaders. Thus Premiers and Prime Ministers are too powerful. Lack of free votes in Parliament.

18. Penal system is too expensive and coddles crooks. Jails often look like luxury Hotels. Crime rates are skyrocketing (many have given up reporting crimes).

19. Plundering of our non-renewable natural resources by foreigners.

20. Regionalism and a lack of a single unifying culture.

21. Sexual exploitation of women and children and prostitution and pimping.

22. Spending by government is out of control. A huge costly bureaucracy. Duplication of services in government.

23. Trade within our own country is not free and open trade, as it should be.

24. Unemployment is too high (in some parts of the country). Too many are forced to live on welfare. Lack of incentives for people to get off of welfare. Lack of retraining and relocation to where jobs are. Thus too many are caught in the welfare trap.

These problems won't go away unless tackled. 



56.  Odds and Ends 

56a)  Business Taxes  

The hope is to have only two levels of government in North House of Israel specifically the federal and municipal - after the five year phasing in period is over, but this hope may not be realized. Party delegates to a party policy convention will determine whether we should pursue the idea of trying for only two levels of government, or not. If we do pursue that option - the voters will eventually decide the issue in a referendum to approve or disapprove of the new constitution.

So if we are able to have only two levels of government - the municipal level of government will levy business taxes. It will be their exclusive jurisdiction.


56b) Constitutional Amending  Formula.

The constitution cannot be amended without the people's support through a national referendum.

Referendum questions will be added to the ballot every 5 yeas at election time.

Procedure For Bringing Forth Amendments To the Constitution

1. Only the federal government can initiate such a procedure.

2. At least 70% of MPs must approve of the proposed constitutional amendment.

3. Also the Governor General or President must also approve of the proposed constitutional amendment otherwise it could not proceed.

4. The voters will then be consulted on the matter at the appropriate time. 


56c) Defining of Authority and jurisdiction of the two levels of government we will have  - the Federal and Municipal. 

Caveat The policy of having only 2 levels of government (the Municipal and Federal ) is a non-foundational policy in the new proposed Constitution, and may not be approved. If it is approved then the policy in this Constitution regarding 2 levels of government must be approved. 

All municipal boundaries remain as they were, before the referendum approval of the constitution, and the new nation the House of Israel was formed within that jurisdiction. Municipal boundaries could not be altered without the consent of the majority of voters within that jurisdiction. Municipalities or counties cannot be amalgamated without the democratic consent of the majority of the voters within the municipalities or counties involved. 

1.  Cities that butt up to each other, or are very close to each other will be amalgamated under one city government, but this would only happen if the voters of these cities involved approved of the amalgamation through a referendum. Otherwise no such amalgamation shall happen. 

2.  Once the constitution of the new nation is approved of by the voters in a particular jurisdiction, and after the 5 year phasing in period, all provincial levels of government and bureaucracy will be eliminated - there will be only the federal and municipal levels of government and bureaucracy. Only two levels of government permitted - the federal and municipal. 

3.  With mutual democratic consent by the majority of voters within their boundaries - counties and municipalities can join forces with others and combine their resources. Those eligible to vote will be those who are already on the voting list, or are eligible to be on the voting list. Voters can only vote once within one of the municipalities, or counties involved. 

4.  Municipalities (and this naturally includes cities, towns, villages and hamlets) can only amalgamate or join forces with other municipal areas - up to a maximum size. What is done can also be undone. The voters of the amalgamated counties have the right to undo the amalgamation unilaterally through a democratic referendum. The voters who reside within the county, that joined with the other, alone have the right to vote on the issue as to whether they want to split up and go back to their former boundaries - which existed prior to the amalgamation. 

Municipalities or counties (this includes naturally cities, towns, villages and hamlets) can only amalgamate up to a maximum size - the size being that of the administration district. 

5. Administration districts will be formed as soon as the constitution of the House of Israel is approved by the people within any jurisdiction - be it federal, provincially or territorially, and after the five year phasing in period is done. 

These administration districts will follow nature. If all of Canada should decide to support the proposed new constitution, then after the 5 year phasing in period we would have only the federal and municipal levels of government, but we will create seven ( 7 ) different administration districts that follow the natural lay of the land - but these would not be provinces. They would be simply administration districts formed that would help us run the country more efficiently. 

6These Administration Districts  would consist of the following: 

1. Ontario - the entire boundary of the old province of Ontario.

2. Quebec - the entire boundary of the old province of Quebec. 

3. The Maritimes - comprising the former provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland / Labrador.  

4. The Great Plains - which would comprise of all of the prairie lands of the former western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and parts of NW British Columbia. 

5. The Western Mountains and West Coast - which would consist of the mountains of the former province of Alberta, all of the former province of BC, except for the plains in the North West of the former BC, and all of the former Yukon Territory.

6. The Northern Forest, which would contain all of the forested areas and northerly sections of the former western provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and parts of the former North West Territories that are continuous with the forests of the other areas mentioned. 

7. The Arctic - this includes all of the former Nunavut, plus the tundra of the former North West Territories 


7.  The administration centres of these new administration districts will be the old provincial, and territorial capitals of these areas - in most cases. 

1. With the administration district of Ontario the administration centre would be Toronto.

2. With the administration district of Quebec the administration centre would be Quebec City.

3. With the administration centre of The Maritimes the administration centres would be shared among Fredericton, Halifax, Charlottetown and St. Johns.  

4. With the administration district of The Great Plains the administration centres would be shared by Winnipeg, Regina and Edmonton.

5. With the administration district of The Western Mountains and West Coast the administration centres would be shared between Victoria, Kamloops and Whitehorse. 

6. With the administration district of The Northern Forest the administration centres would split among Thompson, Prince Albert,  Ft. McMurray and Hay River.

7. With the administration district of the Arctic the administration centre would be shared among  Iqaluit, Yellowknife and Inuvik

That is as far as we shall go for now with this policy. There has to be a debate within Canada as to what would be under federal jurisdiction and what would be under municipal control, and what powers would be shared. 

You can read some of the following ideas, which might give you some pointers. You are welcome to bring forth your suggestions. If they sound fairly reasonable then they will be put up here on the web. So come on - share some of your ideas with us. 


Mr. Bruce Ricketts granted permission to use material from his web site  The Mysteries of Canada. He had an article entitled The Provinces Must Go. We really need only two levels - the federal, and municipal. The challenge is in exactly how can we do this. 


" The Provinces Must Go by Bruce Ricketts

" Chapter 10:  So what do we do about it?

" If you refer back to Chapter Six of this book you will remember that I stated that:

" The British North America Act directs the Federal Government to look after Canada while the Provincial Governments look after Canadians.

" Here is the crux of our problem. While the federal government is looking after Canada, the provinces have gone out of their way to lose focus on Canadians.  They have fought for more and more of the federal governments powers and downloaded their own responsibilities for Canadians onto the municipalities.

" So responsibilities can be charted as follows:

" Canada  - Federal Government  - Provinces  - Municipalities - Canadians

" Webster's Dictionary defines redundant as  " exceeding what is necessary ".  Well, one look at the chart above tells you that the Provinces are redundant.  They exceed what is necessary !

" There should be only two levels of government in Canada - the federal government and municipal governments.

" Why you may ask should the second level of government be municipal?  Well, one might argue that that level of government that is closest to the people delivers the best people-government and that would be the municipal governments.

" Back in 1867, Canada was essentially an agrarian society with mostly small towns and villages.  Toronto had a population of 56,000 in a country of almost 3.5 million (1.6% of all Canadians).  Most people lived on farms.

" In 2001 Toronto has over 4 million people in a country of 30 million (23% of all Canadians).  In fact we currently have six cities (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton) that are more populous than six of our Provinces (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island).  A total of 23 cities are bigger than P.E.I. !

" As I see it, the provincial governments have done themselves out of a job by demanding too much federal control and by downloading too much local responsibility.

" The Provinces Must Go!

" So what do we do without the provincial governments?  Well one thing is that we save a few bucks.  We will discuss cost saving in the next chapter.

" What do we do about work sharing between the federal and municipal governments?  If we go back to Chapter 5 we can see what responsibilities are part of provincial duties, according to the BNA Act.  It is:


  1. health care
  2. education
  3. provincial prisons and justice system
  4. provincial taxation
  5. borrowing of money
    management and sale of provincial land and resources thereon
  6. municipalities
  7. commercial licenses
  8. traffic and communication within provincial boundaries
  9. incorporation of companies
  10. marriages and divorce
  11. property and civil rights

" We can divide up these tasks between the federal and municipal governments as follows:

" To the federal government goes:

  1. prisons and justice system

  2. management and sale of lands and resources

  3. incorporations of companies

  4. marriage and divorce

  5. national traffic and communications within and external to the country

" To the municipalities go:

  • local traffic and infrastructure

  • local property rights

  • local commercial licenses

  • healthcare delivery*

  • education delivery*

  • right to raise funds through taxation

Now let's take a look at who does what in our new Canada:










Natural resources




International affairs and trade




Laws and justice system








Local property rights




Delivery of education




Delivery of healthcare




National and international transportation




National and international communications












Local traffic and infrastructure




Marriage and divorce




Consumer rights




National heritage and culture




Local heritage and culture




Indigenous peoples affairs




Electricity and water








Welfare and social assistance








Old Age Pensions



" There are some areas of this chart where there are dual Yes's and in one case a lack of a Yes when there has traditionally been one.  Let's discuss these.

" Items 1-6 are fairly straightforward.  We run into our first problem in items 7 and 8.

" Healthcare and education have always been sore points in our confederation.  That will probable not change under our new organization, but at least we have a chance to establish fundamental guidelines.

" Health and education are definitely people issues and therefore should fall under the responsibility of the municipal governments.  However both health and education are national issues in that you need countrywide standard for these important rights.

" Under our new and streamlined organization, municipalities will delivery local heath services based on local needs, national standards and national funding.  Did you get that last one of national funding of healthcare!

" There are going to have to be some give and take in heath care delivery on a local scale, however.  The truth is that health care costs are out of control.  It is mostly the fault of indiscriminate users, poor practitioners, too much reliance on technology and drugs, and dodgy marketing practices by the suppliers to the health industry.

" Education is another sore point in Canada.  When you have hundreds of school boards and hundreds of bureaucrats and thousands of trustees in a system where 20-year-old schoolbooks are shared one for each two students something is wrong.

" We need a national standard of education for this country and stable non-bureaucratic funding of the system.

" Items 9 and 10 are pretty simple but items 11 and 12, taxation and borrowing, may surprise you.

" Under our new plan both municipalities and the federal government may levy taxes to pay for their programs, but only the federal government may borrow.  How, you may ask, will municipalities pay for infrastructure programs and other costs.  They will levy taxes to pay for their operating expenses and a few of their capital needs, but all capital projects will be federally funded.  If you cannot borrow, you cannot go into debt.  And you have to admit that it would be nice not having to pay interest charges on municipal borrowing.

" Item 15, consumer protection and rights is also a split responsibility.  There are some protections needs at the national level, such as drug testing and approval and consumer and corporate affairs.  However there needs to be a local jurisdiction to counter local issues.

" Item 18 refers to what is currently Indian and North Affairs.  A recent referendum poll in British Columbia shows how stupid the system is getting.  While the Federal Government is negotiating " land claims " issues, the provincial government is asking non-natives to set the guidelines for such negotiations.  That is kind of like asking a crook to define justice. The whole area of first peoples rights needs to be rethought with our new organization.  Under this plan there is no need for self-government. We just need to define the first people's rights as municipalities.  But that is a whole other chapter.

" Electrical power and water (item 19) are both very important issues that should be discussed between the two governing levels.  I see no reason why responsibility for water and electricity cannot be turned over to the private sector as regulated businesses.  Could private regulated business do worse than the municipal water people, backed up by the Ontario bureaucrats, did in Walkerton, Ontario?  Government does not produce or deliver our oil, gas, telecommunications, Internet, cable or satellite TV, but we get it!  Why then can't government get out of the electricity business?  Regulate it, if you think you need to, but let business deliver it!

" Item 20, is policing.  It makes sense to have a national police force to back up local authorities.  However, local authorities should not infringe on national responsibilities.  For example, if a crime is committed in a municipality by a criminal who is wanted for a prior crime committed in a different  municipality, there will not be any conflict between municipalities because the justice system (Item 4) is under federal control.  (i.e. if you commit a crime in two municipalities, you can be tried for both crimes in one Canadian court system.)  After all, your crime is against ALL Canadians.

" Items 21 and 22 concern welfare, social assistance (includes assisted housing) and employment - definitely people programs.  This one is a real bug for me.  I see no reason why there needs to be welfare and social assistance.  If you are out of work, there should be employment insurance and, if necessary, assistance to find or retrain for a new job.  And I don't mean that if you are a fisherman that you should retrain to become a nuclear physicist (unless you want to).  When companies downsize (another word for layoff and firings), they provide services to their former employees to help them find jobs.  We should do that for all people who are unemployed.

" For the unemployable (a term that I dislike) there should be programs to assist them.  These programs should fall under national standards and possibly even be paid for federally to ensure that a nice weather center such as Vancouver doesn't have to pay a larger social program cost than does chilly Churchill.

" Item 23 is looking after all of us in our old age.  We pay enough taxes in our lifetime and I see no reason why there should not be a guaranteed reasonable income for seniors (and those on disability pensions) which is well above the line we consider poverty.  If you have contributed to Canada you deserve to live with dignity and respect in it right up to and including the day you die. "

by Bruce Ricketts


Suggestions Regarding Municipal Boundaries      by Ray Wegner

1. Extent the boundaries of the larger cities to include large areas that surround them. This would be then considered as one municipal district. 

2. Consult with the mayors and other elected officials of the larger cities in Canada for their ideas. If they won't discuss the matter, then shame on them. The cities are crying for a better deal. They are always complaining about being short-changed by other levels of government - especially the provincial level. They are always complaining the provincial governments are making cut backs, and downloading costs on the backs of  the cities and municipalities. So - what are their ideas ? 

3. We would need to come up with some consensus as to how this would work. Few politicians are prepared to put themselves out of a job. Duplication of government services by all the various levels of government in Canada is an art form - it is a science. Protecting the turf is a big issue in Canada. So how can we come up with a social consensus on the desperate need to reduce the level of bureaucracy in Canada ? What kind of mechanism needs to be in place which will enable use to peacefully eliminate all levels of government, except the federal and municipal ? 

4. And what about checks and balances in a new system of having only two levels of government ?   Would there be something like a Lieutenant Governor in each municipality ? That seems unrealistic, but then again wouldn't we need someone like that if we want to remain a Constitutional Monarchy ?  In the provincial government we have the Lieutenant Governors. If we eliminated the provincial level of government - then what about the monarchy ? Who would give final approval to laws and legislation enacted by the municipal level of government ? 

It would probably not be feasible, or practical for the Governor General to do everything - like extending their role to include the municipalities.

There are so many questions. However, we have to do something to reduce the bloated bureaucracy. That is why we need a national debate on the issue. 

There is a huge potential to save billions each year, if we could just have two levels of government. The savings would be in the multiply billions each year. This is no joke. 


56d)  Gun Laws  

It will unconstitutional for the government to disarm the public. 

However, the government has the responsibility to insure peace and order, and to insure guns are used safely. 


56e) Members of Parliament - How to empower back bench MPs ?  The following policy is a suggestion only and could not be enforced upon political parties. The House of Israel Party will do its best to follow this policy.

1. All votes in parliament free votes, except the following, which are considered confidence votes, and where political party discipline can be strictly enforced:

2. Votes on the federal budget.

3. Votes on hard core political party election platform promises - by the governing party.

4. There can only be a maximum of 12 hard core election campaign promises that shall face a vote of confidence in Parliament. Each party has to submit 12 to the media and the chief electoral officer, at least 3 weeks before the election. 

5. If the ruling party loses a confidence vote then the party with the second most number of seats will be asked to form the government. If they decline, or cannot form a government then elections shall be called. In such cases the rule that elections be held every 5 years on a fixed date would not apply. 


56f) Mergers, Takeovers and Monopolies

A permanent parliamentary committee formed to deal with this matter. 


56g) Nationalization of the oil, gas and electrical sector and other energy sectors.  

This is a non-foundational policy and may not be carried out if there is not enough support for it. 

Done very swiftly and quickly. 

These assets will be turned into crown corporations. Management of these companies shall remain intact at the time of the nationalization.

Foreign companies that have been nationalized will be allowed to bring in their own people from the foreign country to work for or to manage the company, but they must be willing to become citizens, and they will be offered citizenship - if they meet the criteria for citizenship. 

Criteria for citizenship of managers, workers and owners (regarding owners - this would only apply if the company was privately owned and didn't sell public shares on the stock market), of such companies of foreign owned energy and electrical companies that will be nationalized:

1. They need not be married.

2. They don't have to speak English or French.

3. They cannot be in trouble with the law or be incarcerated. 

4. They must meet all other requirements for immigration - other than the points just mentioned.

The government will set up a special committee that shall monitor the nationalization program to insure it is administered fairly. 

If it is discovered these foreign corporations are not being honest and are just abusing the situation then they can be taken over entirely by the government. 

Who Will Sit On the Committee ?

Fourteen (14) persons on the committee - half consist of Members of Parliament - the other half will be chosen by the industries involved. 

The companies that have been nationalized will become crown corporations, but will be run as businesses, and be free to buy and sell and trade freely with other domestic companies. They won't be allowed to sell their assets to a foreign company, unless the foreign company agrees to the nationalization scheme. 

The government will carefully monitor this nationalization matter to insure our countries best interests are looked after. 

Foreigners can still buy and own shares in the companies, but these corporations and companies will be managed and controlled by our own government for the best collective interests of our country. 

The government shall monitor and examine existing export contracts of energy (starting at the point where the referendum was approved for the establishment of our new nation and the new constitution). Existing export contracts will be honoured, if they do not compromise the vital interests of  our country. 

No new export contracts of energy will be entered into, unless such export contracts apply to the new nation called South House of  Israel). 

56h)  Prime Minister - the constitution will not recognize the position of Prime Minister. Therefore we will not officially have a Prime Minister. The position will be eliminated along with most of its power.

56i)  Referendums     During Federal elections voters will be asked their opinion on various subjects. There will be a long list of questions asked on various controversial matters like fluoridation, animal control by-laws, immigration, wages of Members of Parliament, the Monarchy, social programs, whether we are tough enough with criminals, whether a certain important national project should be carried out or not, and various other important questions of the day. The answering of these questions will be optional for voters. Local issues can be dealt with through local ballots.

A maximum of 18 referendum questions on the ballot, and a minimum of 12 referendum questions on the ballot. The referendum will coincide with the federal elections, and shall be done in the most effective and efficient way possible - but must be done on paper, and absolutely must be accurate. 

Therefore 12 referendum questions would be the minimum and 18 the maximum. 

A maximum of 12 referendum questions on the ballot must pertain to federal issues, and a maximum of 6 to local or municipal matters. 

Parliament shall decide which questions are to be on the ballot as pertaining to federal matters - a maximum of 12. Municipal governments can add a maximum of 6 more questions on the ballot, which brings us to a maximum of 18 referendum questions. Municipal governments can only ask questions which pertain to their municipal jurisdiction. 

70 % of Members of Parliament must approve of the referendum question before it proceeds - this refers to federal referendum questions.

70 % of the elected municipal officials must approve before the question goes to the ballot - this has to do strictly with local or municipal issues. 

The office of the Governor General or President will be the watchdog over the process. 

If 70% plus 1 or more of the those who vote approve of the matter in the referendum then the referendum is binding upon the government. 

If 60 %  plus 1 to 70% approve then the matter will be delegated to the federal or municipal elected officials to decide in a vote in parliament or in the municipality or county affected. 

If 50% plus one up to 60% approve then it will be up to the Governor General, or President to decide the issue. 

However, the GG or President do not have any authority to annul an impeachment referendum, if the required majority vote approve of the Governor General's or President's impeachment.


Citizen Initiated Referendums

At the Municipal Level 

All that is required is a certain percentage of eligible voters in the municipality, or county signing a petition favouring a particular referendum question.

At least 1/3 (one third) of eligible voters in the municipality, or county must support the petition.

The Chief Electoral officer will determine if the petition was conducted fairly. 

If the Chief Electoral Officer finds no irregularities then the matter stated in the petition will become a binding referendum question in the upcoming elections, as long as 70% plus 1 of the voters approve of it in the election.

If more than the allotted number of referendum questions are approved by local petitioners - then the rule is that only those petitions with the highest support of voters will be allowed or offered up on the ballot. This would be up to a maximum of 6 questions on the ballot that pertain to municipal matters.

At the Federal Level

The same set of rules apply federally, as it does at the municipal level, except petitioners must sign up at least 30 % of the eligible voters federally. 


Referendum For Approval of the Proposed House of Israel Constitution

Mechanism For Putting Together A New Constitution

This plan describes the mountain to scale to reach the goal. It is not easy, but very difficult.  There are many obstacles external and internal to overcome. It cannot be done in one leap. It is a step by step process. A big challenge.

Once he has an electoral mandate from the people Ray Wegner along with six (or perhaps more) other individuals are to work at putting together a new constitution, with support and consultation from citizens. The people would then vote on this proposed constitution in a fair referendum. 

Legislation passed binding government to hold a referendum on the new constitution within the term of the government.

A Constitutional Commission (or something similar) created and  headed by the Ray DW and government funded.  Citizens consulted at regular town hall meetings free and open to the voting public. There must be a healthy public debate on policy. The whole process must be open and transparent. During this process of consulting the people, and debating the issues in a public forum a consensus should emerge on many, many of the issues. 

The Constituent Assembly To Create A New Constitution 

Six other people or more (Members of Parliament) sit on the commission besides the RW.  Other parties asked to send a representative. RW approves of who is on the team, since they must be willing to work at putting together a new constitution, otherwise they can't be allowed on the Assembly. 

The other levels of government consulted.

The one with the final say about what was in the proposed constitution of the new nation the House of Israel would be RDW. This is essential because the basic thrust of the new constitution could absolutely not be compromised with, and Ray Wegner will not compromise away these rock solid policies. 

The referendum question brought before the people, before the end of the mandate of the new government. The new constitution voted on before any new elections called. If 50% plus one(1), voted yes then this establishes the new nation.

If voters say no then the party leader would not be part of any such government, since it would just be another government of Canada, or of a province of Canada.

We shall go directly to the people. 

That is the mechanism used to create the new constitution of the new nation. This strategy is not cast in stone. However, it is a plan. It is a goal to work towards. You can't hit a target, if you don't aim for it. We know what we have to achieve. The strategy may have to be altered in order to overcome unforeseen obstacles that may come up. 

56j)  Quebec - Quebec independence is off the table and to be discouraged. The French language will be protected within the boundaries of the present 2016 Quebec, and will be the only official language. English will be a compulsory course in schools - as would French in the rest of the country currently called Canada. Compulsory from grades 1 to 10.  


56k) Internet Freedom 

The new constitution promotes internet freedom all around the world, and rejects any attempts to censor the internet. It is the Wild West and should be left be, except in the following areas:

1. Those involved in illegal activities must be caught and charged.

2. Hackers must be caught and charged.

3. Identity theft cannot be tolerated. 

4. Pornography of any kind cannot be tolerated, but natural appreciation of the nude human body tolerated.

The House of Israel will restrict and resist any attempt to control the internet. 


57.   Social Policy   

57a) Abortion - Clarification of third party funding of abortion procedures in foreign countries by our own women.

Third parties are permitted to fund abortions by our own women in foreign countries, but are not allowed to bribe or coerce such women to get abortions. 

1. There will be no limits on how much money they could raise for this. 

2. However, women must be referred to foreign countries where medically safe abortion procedures are performed. 


57b)  Calendar (Hebrew Calendar)   

The Hebrew Calendar will be officially adopted, but it will not be forced on anyone. People and society can use whatever Calendar they want. 


57c) Gambling (it will be perfectly legal to gamble)

The following will be regarded as non-petty gambling:

1. Gambling Casinos VLTs - Video Lottery Terminals

2. Any form of gambling with a jackpot greater than $ 12,000 or its equivalent in material goods, or prizes.


Definition of Petty Gambling 

1. Bingos 

2. Raffles

3. Horse Racing  

It seems governments of Canada and the United States are addicted to taxes on gambling. House of Israel governments won't refuse the taxes gained from taxing gamblers, but would prefer people be addicted to something more useful. 


57d)  Social Programs   

1. The social programs in the section on Rights and Freedoms, are included within the broad category of social programs. 

2. This also applies to any other mention of social programs in other parts of this constitution - they also are included within the broad category of social programs. 

3. Various social programs are freely scattered throughout this constitution. 

The policy of a social safety net is kept, but discarded is the overarching theme of socialism. We reject socialism as a societal system of orientation in both North and South House of Israel. 


58. Divorce - Couples encouraged to stay together and seek marriage counseling. However counselling won't be forced on couples - both must be prepared to enter into counseling.               

59. Adoption - Not legal for foreigners to adopt House of Israel children, unless adoptee was an extremely close relative that was in need. 

Illegal for House of Israel citizens to adopt foreign children, since we have plenty of our own children in need of adoption.

Against the law for homosexuals and/or lesbians to adopt children (right now in July 2016 homosexuals are proteced from discrimination in Canada and the USA, and it is legal for them to adopt children. We respect and obey the laws, but seek to change the laws, so homosexuals could not adopt children).                         


60. Cemeteries - Segregated cemeteries no longer encouraged, but permitted. The dead know nothing. It is only the living who want to play politics. The government will put in place an affordable funeral package, that meets minimal acceptable standards. The cost of dying must be kept reasonable. Politicized cemeteries no longer encouraged, but permitted. It seems people will go down to the grave playing politics.  

61.Male Circumcision -  the procedure covered through Medicare free of charge. Female circumcision illegal. Severe penalties in place for those involved in female circumcision and genital mutilation. Male circumcision optional and not forced on anyone. Written parental consent by both parents required for male circumcision. The government must provide certified and qualified Physicians to circumcise little boys. Without a qualified, certified and trained Physician the circumcision is illegal.  Illegal to perform the ceremony at home by non-certified, non-trained and unqualified persons, or by religious figures. Only medical Doctors allowed to do this. If the medical Doctor is also a religious figure then it is okay.  

62.Single Mothers    Support given to single mothers, who want to re-enter the workplace - this is especially the case regarding Day Care.      

63. Christian Heritage  The government recognizes that the majority of our citizens are of the Christian faith. Government policy will recognize and respect our Christian heritage, but there will be a strict separation of church and state, and this will be strictly enforced, and includes all religions and churches and secular religions like environmentalism and nature worship. We will not abandon our Christian heritage. and will not get involved in long tangled arguments about what constitutes a real Christian. Let the churches argue over that one.

64. Cloning of Humans Beings Illegal   

65. Babies and Maternity Leave    We recognize how vulnerable and fragile babies are, and how they need full time nurturing during their formative years - up until age six ( 6 ). The best arrangement is the presence of a full time parent, but this isn't always practical and possible. However the government will work to encourage and accommodate the full time nurturing of children for the first six (6) years by a full time parent. There will be maternity leave and tax incentives for stay at home parents.

Governments won't be paying people to stay at home and have children. The length of maternity leave will be determined by the elected governments, but the government of the day has to balance this expense off with the fiscal situation of the government. If it is unaffordable then it can't be too generous. 

66. Genetic Engineering of Humans Beings Illegal.       

Genetic Engineering of Animals Illegal.

Genetic Engineering of Plants Illegal.    

Genetic Engineering of Any Life Form Illegal.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) Illegal in North and South House of Israel.