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Official House of Israel Party Policies - that are considered Rock Solid  

Separation of Church and State     


House of Israel Party Policies that are part of the Rock Solid Policies, which are Biblically based and which will not be compromised.                       

  1. God's Laws (some of them not all of them) as explained in the Bible the Foundation of the Constitution 


  3. Participation   

  4. Voting and Elections   




  8. Governor General   Commitments of GG    8A) Nation's Official Name  - Our Identity 



  11. International       







  18. Crime and War On The Streets     18a  Tough With Organized Crime    

  19. Torts, Laws and Legislation       

  20. Death Penalty                               

  21. No Internment or Work Camps             



23. Common Culture - Outline 

Traditional Occupations   Traditional Arts     Traditional Hobbies

Traditional Sports      Traditional Habits    Other Traditions      Close to Nature     

Rodents      Predators and Omnivores   Ungulates     

Snakes, Bats. Worms and Other Creeping Critters    Fish, Amphibians and Water Mammals 

Insects         Birds of Prey      Crows and Jay Family        Song Birds          Woodpeckers   

Water and Shore Birds      Wild Chickens and Turkeys    Other Birds    Diciduous Trees   

Evergreen Trees    Shrubs      Fruit Trees and Fruiting Schrubs     Flowers  


Vegetables and Grains    Low Bush Berries and Tame Mushrooms  Grasses and Legumes     

Weeds    Water and Marsh Plants     Other Plants


24. Customs Entrenched


 25. Customs Banned           



26. Rights and Freedoms 









9. Adoption - unwanted children under 12 have the right to adoption, and a right to have a family. Naturally there are exceptions, like the severely mentally and physically handicapped and cases of necessary temporary abandonment of children. This right is entrenched primarily to provide homes for the many thousands of unwanted children, who will be born as a result of the banning of abortion on demand. Foreigners not allowed to adopt such children. If adoptive parents can't be found, they shall be placed in foster homes.

10. Assembly - freedom of assembly. Except, for those who assembly for purposes of treason, riot and civil disobedience. Attendance at public church services is a right not a privilege. Naturally ministers and priests will have the right to maintain peace and order in the assembly. Worshippers must be respectful of the rules of the Church, but they can't be kicked out for no reason.

11. Expression - freedom of expression, except in matters of pornography.

12.  Business - freedom to engage in business and commerce in the House of Israel.

13. Conscientious Objectors - right to be a conscientious objector and abstain from fighting physically the wars of the House of Israel. Conscription and the draft are illegal. However, treason is still an offense.


15. Foreigners - oppression of foreigners forbidden in House of Israel, as long as such foreigners are here legally. Foreigners who are in the House of Israel illegally are not protected by this Charter.

16. Free Moral Agency - citizens have free moral agency , but this does not mean they are not subject to the laws of the land, and exempt from the penalties of breaking such laws.


18.  Information - citizens have the right of access to information the government might have on them - as long as they meet the standards set out in Access To Information Legislation.

19. Medical and Dental Emergencies - right to emergency medical or dental care for all citizens

20. Mobility - freedom to live and work and relocate where you please in the House of Israel.


22. Pets - freedom to own pets subject to the laws and other reasonable reasons such as " no pet rules" by Landlords in the lease. Parliament shall set the rules in this area.

23. Police Protection - all citizens have the right to adequate police protection.

24.Presidential Powers - eligible voters have the right to vote on any proposed changes in the role and powers of the President or Governor General, as spelled out in the Constitution.

25. Press - freedom of the press, except in matters of pornography.

26. Protection - right to protect yourself, your family or home from intruders. And to use whatever force necessary and reasonable under the circumstances.




30Free from Sexual Abuse - citizens have the right to be free from sexual abuse and exploitation.

31. Religion - freedom of religion, but for non-Christian religions - their religious rights are restricted to a certain extend, but they still have plenty of religious freedom.

32. Sabbaths - free to observe the weekly  and annual Sabbaths, unless their work is deemed essential. Individuals have the right to keep the weekly Sabbath and annual Sabbaths mentioned in Leviticus the 23rd chapter. And even if their work is regarded as essential employers are required to make efforts to allow persons who want to - to keep the weekly and annual Sabbaths. The weekly Sabbath is from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.


34. Spousal Abuse - spouses have the right to leave an abusive relationship. Battered women have the right to be protected from abusive mates, when it is clear their lives are at risk, or have been threatened.

35. State Coercion - right to be free from state coercion in matters of conscience with protection of your free moral agency. But citizens still required to respect the laws and subject to punishment for disobedience to these laws. The government has no right to tell you how to think.




39. Private Property - freedom to own private property is guaranteed. The right to enjoy ones property and have others respect your property rights (subject to the laws of the House of Israel).

Government must retain the right to expropriate lands to make way for essential public services.

Right to enjoy ones property must not take away from others rights, or needlessly interfere in business and commerce. And this right cannot override the laws and policies of the House of Israel, or make null and void any laws or policies of the House of Israel. People's private property rights will be respected, but not to the detriment of society at large.

The government must maintain the right to break up vast corporate and private land holdings, forcing owners to sell portions of the such lands at reasonable market value. Rights to private property will still be respected, but limits set on how much you could own. Limits set by the community itself, unless the property was in a very isolated area. If there were virtually no other land owners in the area the government would step in and take arbitrary action to limit the size of the overgrown land holdings.

Rights to enjoy ones property must not infringe upon the rights of others to go about their normal everyday activities in a reasonable way. The noise of business and commerce must be tolerated. Loud unnecessary activities are not allowed at night.

And if you still insist on absolute stillness and silence you can always move out into the wilderness. To be serenaded by yappy coyotes, howling wolves and hooting owls at night. Whose nocturnal habits arouse your slumbering watchdog , who proceeds to join the noisy chorus with loud barking and howling. Which wakes you from your peaceful repose and presents you with another sleepless night.

Yes move to the country to be serenaded by bawling cows, and the roaring tractor of your work crazed neighbour, at midnight. Yes move to the hills to be serenaded by zillions of mosquitoes, who swarm around your shack in the woods.


End of Rights and Freedoms









28.  Policies Related To Traditional Habits   

  1. Love for Nature & Living in Harmony With Nature       

  2. Independence & Self-Reliance       

  3. Personal & Environmental Cleanliness          



29.   Building and Maintaining a Strong Armed Forces   






35.  Miscellaneous    a)  Advertising   b)  c)  d)  e)  f) 












A) Alternative Holistic Medicine         

B) Hazardous and Harmful Health Related Products and Procedures Banned








47. Social Programs




50Family Matters  a) Encouraging and Supporting the Family   b) Marriage   

c) Definition of a Family   d) Feminism     


51Immigration Policy                 


53The Clergy       




57. Social policy   a)   b) Calendar    c)    d)    

58. Divorce

59.  Adoption                                 


61.  Circumcision      

62.  Single Mothers         

63. Christian Heritage        

64. Cloning of Humans Illegal    

65. Babies and Maternity Leave       

66. Genetic Engineering of Humans Illegal      







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Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms and Fundamental Freedoms (from the Canadian Constitution) "  The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association. "


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