Uncertain Economic Times 

Hello everyone this is Ray Wegner the Founder and Leader of the House of Israel Party. Canadians and Americans are facing uncertain economic times. The USA is going through some very challenging financial times, and us Canadians are not exempt from these matters. The USA is our largest external trading partner, so when they suffer we are going to suffer too.

So what can be done to create a vibrant economy which serves the citizens interests ? It is a matter of doing many things right and then all the factors add up and compliment each other. There is no magic bullet. There is no quick fix. It is simply a matter of putting in good sound fiscal policies and carrying them out fairly. It is a matter of creating the soil and climate where business and freedom can flourish.

There is a lot of doom and gloom out there. Many are predicting an economic collapse - especially in regards to the USA economy due to its high national debt. Yes I feel there is a serious economic crisis coming in both the USA and Canada - if these two countries continue on the way they are going. However, if people support the H I P and help get the party registered and help elect a H I P government - the economic future looks very bright in my judgment.

I do not see doom and gloom - as long as people in Canada and the USA support the concept of the House of Israel - both North and South. I see a very bright future, but it won't just happen - it will be the result of putting in sound economic policies and following up diligently on them to implement these policies. 

H I P Economic Plan

The H I P Economic Policies and basic economic plan are provided for you on this page - just click on the links. Also go to Health Care Reforms since people's health or lack of health directly affects the economy. This is by no means the whole story on party policy concerning the economy. 

Bread and Butter Issues and the economic policy priorities of the party are detailed on this page. 

We are facing many uncertainties, and need a solid economic strategy and sound economic policies that will nurture and facilitate a strong Canadian economy. 

H I P Economic Policies 

You can go directly to some of our policies related to the economy at business, and policies related to traditional jobs, and health care and odds and ends. There is no magic bullet to creating a vibrant economy that serves the interests of the citizens. It is a matter of doing many things right. All of the pieces then fit in and complement each other. A holistic approach to a complex matter. 

Provided now are links to specific H I P economic policies from the proposed new constitution. Under this system governments would be required to carry out these policies no matter what their political stripes, since these policies would be entrenched within the Constitution. 

The party promotes free enterprise and the capitalist system with caveats attached. 

Freedom of competition laws.

Limits to mergers, monopolies and takeovers. 

Participation in a productive, legitimate, positive manner is vital. Participation by the people is the key, because if genuine avenues of participation are not open this can then lead to escapism, apathy, destructiveness, and authoritarianism. 

To attract and keep investors and business we need a safe, free, democratic society - where people want to live and invest and have the needed health care and social supports for a decent life. Where people can settle down, live in freedom and dignity. This also means provided a top notch and affordable secondary and post secondary educational system. 

Cut back on needless and wasteful government spending, and have only two levels of government - the municipal and federal - this policy would save billions of dollars each year. Defining the responsibilities of these two levels of government. The policy of having only two levels of government is a non-foundational policy, so it depends on what the party members do with this and if they are prepared to follow through with it. 

Nationalization of the oil, natural gas and electrical system - for national security purposes. Care and caution needed here to get it right. Also a non-foundational policy, so party delegates will decide the policy. 

Taking care of our own first - it is not in our national interests to cater to foreigners and immigrants while ignoring our own people. It is not wise to treat foreigners better than your own people. Charity begins at home. 

Free and open trade within our borders. 

Encouraging and supporting the traditional family - when families are strong so is society. 

Supporting a vibrant, non-political common culture. Cultural activities generate domestic jobs. Supporting a home grown common culture, and supporting domestic manufacturing of products related to these cultural activities. This does not refer to supporting multiculturalism, or going along with USA cultural domination of Canada. It means actively supporting our own common culture - which is based on nature not politics.

Create and maintain a solid social safety net.

Work to create lasting relations with like minded countries, and work to create a House of Israel Commonwealth of Nations, which will provide an alternative and check and balance to the worldwide capitalist new world order that has emerged. International capitalism is gradually enslaving the world - already almost half of mankind must survive on $ 2.00 dollars a day or less, while only 2 % of the world's richest persons control around 50 % of the world's wealth. Such gross and obscene inequities are inhumane and unsustainable. 

Number of statutory holidays increased to 12 days. Longer and more frequent holidays for workers does not necessarily result in lower productivity, but may actually increase worker productivity. To get the best out of the workforce treat them better - and give them the opportunity to take more time off with pay from work, if they want it. 

No Mandatory Retirement Laws 

Slavery Forbidden , and this also means not importing products made by slave labour. 

Safe driving course mandatory 

Present health care costs in 2015 are unsustainable. The party supports a preventative based health care system and promotes individual responsibility in this area. The party supports and encourages the natural health products industry. It is an important link in providing an excellent health care system for Canadians. We believe in creating a free, honest and open competitive business environment in regards to industries related to health, like the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Natural Health Products Industry. Then leave it up to consumers to decide which products they feel are the best for their health. Basically it is buyer beware. Do your research, and make informed consumer choices. Health care is after all your own personal responsibility. Make Natural Health Products a medical expense exemption on ones income tax return, if the products are a proven treatment method and are needed to treat a disease, or other serious ailment. 

H I P international policy should boost the countries economic interests. Taking an independent stand when needed, will enable us to watch after our vital interests much more vigorously. Yet the policy is to strive to live harmoniously within the international community. This approach should give us more power and influence in the world, and make it harder for other countries to bully and exploit Canada economically. There are a lot of wild cards within the international community, and it is almost impossible to predict what kinds of storms may arise. 

Create a much more free society, within the rule of law. Open wide the gates of innovation, free enterprise, and minimal government intervention. This will free citizens up, and result in a vibrant, creative society - and help the economy. We will not support the socialist nanny state that is present in Canada in 2015 - where government has become too intrusive and omnipresent in our lives. Instead strive to create a healthy balance between the rights of the individual and the rights of the collective society. Socialism will no longer be one of the major orientations for the government. However a strong social safety net is still necessary. 

Getting tough with criminals, and breaking the back of the drug trade. Crime and criminals (this includes white collar crime) are the enemies of legitimate businesses, and of hard working honest citizens. Capital punishment restored, and get tough with chronic repeat offenders. Habitual criminals (after given time and chances to change their criminal habits) will face the death penalty. Too much police time is spent catching and re-catching chronic repeat offenders. This law will put a swift end to those who make crime a habit and who just thumb their nose at society, and who cause so much trouble. 

Abrogate the FTA and NAFTA. 

Diversify trade so that all our training eggs are not in one USA basket - as is pretty well the case today in 2012 since about 89 % of our external trade in with the United States. However, our largest external trading partner will probably always be the USA, but the aim is to greatly reduce the level of dependence upon one trading partner. Incidentally - when the FTA was approved in 1988 Canada did about 78 % of its external trade with the USA. Now in 2015 Canada does about 89 % of our external trade with the United States. Our dependency upon them has grown, when we should have been working to reduce it.

Build our new constitution upon the solid Rock of longstanding, tried and tested biblical law, but still having a strict separation of church and state. Governments must be fair and just with the people and must not oppress. Governments need a service orientated attitude.

There are a number of other policies that can help Canada have a strong and stable economy. If you are so inclined please go through the policies of the H I P, which are part of the proposed Constitution of the new nation. 

These changes can be achieved, but this needs to be worked on in an organized, methodical way to get it right. There are no quick fixes and easy ways out. 

Once the H I P is registered and organized and gets some members elected - like the leader - our presence will have considerable influence upon the powers-that-be, and there probably would be a shift by a number of them towards a good percentage of our policies - if they see there is widespread acceptance of these policies by the voters. 


Bread and Butter Issues

We need fundamental change, and this can only be achieved by building a new nation, which will have an entirely new constitution.

Policy Priorities of the Party. 

1. Job Creation (working to keep unemployment low) working towards full employment - a 4 % unemployment rate is considered full employment.

This includes on the job training; not exporting jobs, but encouraging value added jobs in our own land.

2. Reducing Government Excess and Waste

3. Creating a Healthy Economic Climate that Encourages Domestic and Foreign Investment 

4. Food Production 


5. Increased Funding for Research and Development into developing new varieties of crop plants, that are suited for our climate.

This policy is primarily directed towards ' grow your own things ' for people in their gardens, and in their own backyards includes plant and animals;  

6. Cost of Heating and Electricity - these sectors (oil, natural gas, electricity) need to be nationalized for national security purposes - we have no intentions of freezing in the dark.

7. Housing - providing for more flexibility in housing and more affordable housing; more training provided so folks can build their own homes.

8. Transportation - Public Transit - Insurance Rates

9. Non-renewable Natural Resources - reduction or elimination of the export of non-renewable natural resources.

10. Water no water diversions to the United Sates of America; elimination of foreign aid, and then using that freed up money to provide clean drinking water for our own people.

11. Culture - promoting a common culture based on nature, not politics.


12. Taking Care of Our Own First 


Occupy Calgary

I was down to Olympic Plaza here in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday October 30, 2011 - where some demonstrators have camped out.

First of all - the House of Israel Party and I the leader of the party Ray Wegner do not condone in any way shape or form illegal actions. I and the party promote peaceful change through the ballot.

I talked to some of the demonstrators. I asked them - Why are you doing this and what is the main purpose of these demonstrations ? I got different answers from different people, but the basic thrust of the answers as to why they were there and what this movement is all about - went something like this:

1. They want to bring awareness of the growing disparity between rich and poor - and between the rich and ordinary people. They want to bring this disparity to the awareness of the public.

2. There seemed to be a consensus that the corporations are too powerful and somehow need to be reigned in.

3. One man told me he was there because it was his right to express his views under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Canadian Constitution. He was just exercising his rights as a citizen he said. He gave me a copy of the 1960 Canadian Bill of Rights, and I now have it pinned up on my bedroom wall.
4. I was informed by more than one person that this was not a political movement and the movement did not support a particular political party. Also that it was basically a leaderless movement - being carried out by many people.

5. One aboriginal lady said she was there to support some of her friends and to try and bring to the public awareness the poverty and other problems of so many native people.

6. Another young man summed up his views clearly as to why he was there. He was inspired by the movement and dropped his own things to get involved. He wants to see the disparity between the rich and poor reduced. He wants a media which is more reflective of honest information - a more honest media. He would like to see changes in the health care system in Canada, so the health care is directed more towards keeping people healthy and prevention instead of just treating the disease - and with the result big pharmaceutical companies and others making huge profits. He wants to see electoral reform - which will reflect the majority view - instead of the outdated system we have now in Canada. He mentioned that Harper has a majority, but only 24 % or so of all eligible voters in Canada actually voted for the Conservatives.
7. One lady told me the movement in Calgary was in solidarity with the other movements and demonstrations going all around the world, and in the United States. The basic message being that there is a deep disparity in this world, and this has to be dealt with.

I encountered very sincere people who are well behaved, and who are not vandalizing or damaging the park, and who want to make some changes to the world and in Canada for the better. They seem not to know how all these things will play out, but in my judgment they are sincere, and they are trying to bring attention to the public very real problems - problems that cannot continue very much longer until something gives.

I read in the newspaper that the authorities had said there was $ 40,000 dollars of damage done to Olympic Plaza by the demonstrators. I looked around and did not see any such thing. The grass was being trampled of course, but it was late fall and the grass was basically dormant. I do not see any need to do resodding. I used to work in landscaping and with a little bit of tender loving care - maybe some aerating and fertilizer - the grass where the people were tenting would spring right back in spring - no problem at all. It was not being killed. Resodding in my judgment would be just another make work project by government.

I did not see any damage being done to the trees or the pavement or anything - that wouldn't happen anyways. This is a public park right in the middle of Calgary and is heavily used so naturally due to use there will be need for maintenance. This is to be expected with such a heavily used facility right in the heart of Calgary.
Most of the problems these demonstrators are complaining about are matters that I and the House of Israel Party have been talking about for years and years. I will now provide you with some links to various H I P policies that specifically deal with the main issues these demonstrators are bringing up. I feel strongly that they should support me and the H I P and help get the party registered. I feel they need to get involved politically, and support the House of Israel Party.
http://rayhip.com/culture.htm#Natural Gas
http://rayhip.com/business.htm#Our Own First


Pictures - that hopefully you will enjoy. These are my own original photos. 


Horses - not far from Wiesenthal Baptist Church - near Millet, Alberta.
Field of Flax



Downtown Winnipeg - Portage and Main





Grande Beach - Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba





Revelstoke, British Columbia - picture taken from Mt. Revelstoke. Trans Canada Highway going West can be seen in the lower left of the photo.


Banff Springs Hotel and Sulphur Mountain - Banff, Alberta


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