Corruption and Mismanagement in Government – Party approach in dealing with this


Corruption and Mismanagement within government is a very serious problem that must be tackled.

The H I P and its Leader are committed to cleaning up corruption and weeding out mismanagement within the government. 

The party promotes peaceful, fundamental constitutional change. Once the party is elected and forms government the H I P and its leader will work to put together a new constitution. This new constitution shall then be brought to the voters for approval or disapproval in a referendum.

If the voters approve of the new constitution then this will kick in many of our policies specifically directed towards dealing with and reducing corruption and mismanagement in government. We would need this mandate to go ahead with many of the essential reforms here.


Some policies in our proposed new constitution that directly deal with this are the following:

Commitments of the Governor General

Reining in the Lawyers

Getting Tough on Crime and Organized Criminal Gangs

Torts, Laws and Legislation

Crimes Bringing the Death Penalty


34 a) On the Job   

Impress upon business and labour the positive results of working together.


34c ) Job Creation  Patronage is a negative force

Government will take the lead by working to implement the following principles within government itself, within its institutions, crown corporations and other entities run by government. Business can only be encouraged to follow that lead - these principles cannot be mandated or legislated or forced upon the private sector.


Taking Care of Our Own First


56e) Members of Parliament - How to empower back bench MPs?  


35b) those not permitted to Strike


No Internment Camps   We must not oppress, or discriminate