Combined Policy List - These are all of the Official H I P Policies on one page. Hopefully this page will help people understand better how our policies are divided into three broad categories - specifically Hard Rock Policy and Foundational Policy and Non-Foundational Policy.

Hard Rock Policy is coloured GREEN.

Foundational Policy coloured BLUE.

Non-Foundational Policy is coloured RED 




Official House of Israel Party Policy

Introduction Peaceful Change                   Separation of Church and State

Changes and Further Discussions              Policies in Alphabetical Order

House of Israel Party Policies

  1. God's Laws (some of them not all of them) as explained in the Bible the Foundation of the Constitution.

  2. Lands Invited to form the House of Israel

  3. Participation

  4. Voting and Elections

  5. Wages of Members of Parliament

  6. Speaker of the House

  7. Parliament

  8. Governor General    Commitments of GG     8A) Nation's Official Name - Our Identity

  9. President

  10. Monarchy

  11. International

  12. Government Departments and Ministries

  13. Bureaucracy

  14. House of Israel Party Constitution

  15. Judicial System

  16. Swift Justice

  17. Lawyers

  18. Crime and War On The Streets    18a Tough With Organized Crime

  19. Torts, Laws and Legislation    Torts, Laws and Legislation 

  20. Death Penalty

  21. No Internment or Work Camps 


22. Visions and Perceptions

23. Common Culture - Outline

Traditional Occupations       Traditional Arts      Traditional Hobbies

Traditional Sports     Traditional Habits      Other Traditions      Close to Nature

Rodents      Predators and Omnivores      Ungulates

Snakes, Bats. Worms and Other Creeping Critters      Fish, Amphibians and Water Mammals

Insects     Birds of Prey     Crows and Jay Family     Song Birds     Woodpeckers

Water and Shore Birds         Wild Chickens and Turkeys       Other Birds         Diciduous Trees

Evergreen Trees        Shrubs       Fruit Trees and Fruiting Schrubs       Flowers


Vegetables and Grains         Low Bush Berries and Tame Mushrooms       Grasses and Legumes

Weeds        Water and Marsh Plants       Other Plants


24. Customs Entrenched



25. Customs Banned



26. Rights and Freedoms Around 40 rights and freedoms

27. Policies Related To Traditional Occupations

  1. Agriculture
  2. Coal Mining
  3. Communications ( CBC )
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Highway and Bridge Maintenance
  6. Hunting and Gathering
  7. Mining (oil and tar sands )
  8. Natural Gas and Electricity
  9. Off Shore Fishing (sailing)
  10. Pulp and Paper
  11. Ship Building
  12. Merchant Marine
  13. Tourism
  14. Trade
  15. Raising Buffalo and Herding Reindeer


28. Policies Related To Traditional Habits

  1. Love for Nature & Living in Harmony With Nature

  2. Independence & Self-Reliance

  3. Personal & Environmental Cleanliness

  4. Simplicity in Living and Enjoyment


29. Building and Maintaining a Strong Armed Forces

30. Policies Related To Traditional Arts

  1. Building Ones Own House


31. Policies Related To Traditional Sports a) Baseball b) Cycling c) Golf d) Hunting e) Snowmobiling


32. Close To Nature Related Policies


33. Education

34. Business policy


35. Miscellaneous a) Advertising b) Those not Permitted to Strike c) Credit

d) Partnerships and Professions and Trade e) Worker's Lunch Time

f) Heating Cost of Government Buildings


36.Mergers, Takeovers, and Monopolies

37. Freedom of Competition

38. Automobiles, Drivers and Insurance

39. Motorcycles and Bicycles and Private Planes



40. Health Care

41. Medical Services

Health Care Premiums

User Fees

42. Government Administration of Community Health Services

43. Administration of Health Care Services to Reduce Health Care Costs

A) Alternative Holistic Medicine

B) Hazardous and Harmful Health Related Products and Procedures Banned

C) Organ Donations and Transplants

D) Drugs, Medicines, Pharmateuticals + Natural Health Products

E) Accident Prevention Strategy - designed to reduce costs and accidents.

44. Education On Health Care    No Health Care Credits

45. Health and Education    


46. Reducing the Cost of Government

47. Social Programs


48. Guns

49. First Peoples ( Aboriginals)


50. Family Matters a) Encouraging and Supporting the Family b) Marriage

c) Definition of a Family d) Feminism


51. Immigration Policy  52.Religion 53. The Clergy

54. No Compromising of the Basic Thrust of the Constitution


55. Serious Major Immediate Problems


56. Odds and Ends

57. Social policy a) Third Party Funding of Abortions  b) Calendar  c) Gambling d) Social Programs


58. Divorce

59. Adoption

60.  Cemeteries

61. Circumcision

62. Single Mothers

63. Christian Heritage

64. Cloning of Humans Illegal

65. Babies and Maternity Leave

66. Genetic Engineering of Humans Illegal

67. Lands Invited to be Part of the House of Israel

68. Embassies 69. Five Year Phasing in Period 70. Conclusion



Party Mailing Address: House of Israel Party P.O. Box 475 Stn. Main Calgary, Alberta T2P-2J1



Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms and Fundamental Freedoms (from the Canadian Constitution) " The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms: (a) freedom of conscience and religion; (b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication; (c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and (d) freedom of association. "